Patti – A Collection of Reminiscences

My earliest memory of Kunjamma is a dreamy vignette. Her fresh-washed hair is spread on a down-turned basket, drying through a mist of incense. I follow her down the staircase into the garden for the tulsi pooja, incessantly ringing the bell in my hand

A League of Extraordinary Women

How I dreaded those 3 o’ clock Sunday "tiffins" at Vijaya mami’s house when I was a little girl! Nose in a book, I would be shooed into my mother’s room and maneuvered into a pavadai chattai, hair oiled and woven into a single, thick braid by my grandmother.

Ammupatti – Recollections of a Great-grandniece

During my trip to India in Dec 2003, when I first walked into Patti’s house, I was astounded by all the photographs with all the famous people she met. I kept asking my mom, “Who’s Patti standing next to here?” and exclaimed “Oh my gosh! It’s Helen Keller!”

Ammu Patti Recollections of a Grandniece

My mind flashes back many, many decades ago, to the first time I saw the film Meera. It It was breathtaking to see Ammupatti as Meera and listen to all the bhajans that I was intimately familiar with unfold with such majestic grandeur on the screen.

Travel with Lakshmi & Sarasvati

Amma’s concern would be about my learning the kalyani krti. Mama’s constant reminders to me would be to learn the game of cards so that I would give him company on the twin night travel to Delhi.

Recollections of her niece

I used to call her Kunjakka just like her sister Vadivambal did. I first met her when I was around seven years old. Kunjakka was wearing a beautiful orange sari with a black border that had a kolam-like neli pattern.

My Earliest Memories of Ammu Patti

It’s hard, even impossible to say something about MSS which is not already known to her extended family of rasikas and admirers. The name unfailingly sets the listener’s face aglow – as radiant as it would be while listening to her sing!

M.S. Subbulakshmi: Portraits of a diva

The first few times he saw MS was as a boy ... fleeting glimpses. Then, years later, T.S. NAGARAJAN was to meet the singing sensation once more

T.M.Krishna talks about singing Koluvai with Semmangudi Mama and MS

Semmangudi Mama was a great teacher. He was very patient and never thought twice about teaching you something again or repeating something a number of times.