The Hindu

Danseuse Padma Subrahmanyan recalled her father (whose 100th anniversary fell this year) had introduced her in the film “Sevasadan.” Her family had been closely associated with the M.S. family. It was more than a personal loss, she said. “All representatives of Carnatic music and other art forms feel orphaned in her death.”

Sonal Mansingh, Vyjayanthimala Bali, V. Dhananjayan and Shantha also paid their respects. Ms. Mansingh said: “One can rarely find a human being who was good and godly. She was what she was inside and outside.” Mr. Dhananjayan said: “She is the most inspiring soul for all artists, for all generations to come. We will miss her for many many generations. Enga manasil niranju irrukkira oru amma.”